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Stories: Diane

"Free bikes, free tuition, and free fun! What’s not to love?"
14th February 2020 and a tired, windswept, scruffy but very happy lady of a certain age [oh go on then, 60] has just completed the High PeaK Trail. 35 miles no less!
Turn the clock back to Spring 2019, and Diane arrives in Clifton Park with nerves and excitement in equal measure for my first ever cycling lesson. Saddle lowered and pedals removed, hey presto a balance bike, all courtesy of Pedal Ready. Totally free tuition, bikes provided, from kids to O.A.P.’s. in Rotherham, Doncaster and Sheffield. Several Balance bike lessons later and Rodger, my Pedal Ready instructor and pal tells me that I am ready for a proper bike, i.e. pedals replaced. I could go on forever about the amount of fun learning to ride a bike has been not to mention my fitness.
So whether you're wishing to take up cycling for the first time or starting over after a long absence don’t wait 60 years like me. It’s never too soon or too late to contact Pedal Ready.
Free bikes, free tuition, and free fun! What’s not to love?
Special thanks to Rodger, Debbie, Steve and Kevin for their support and encouragement.