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Calendar Learn to Ride
Learn to ride with the help of our friendly, patient trainers. If you are learning to ride a bike for the first time the sessions you need to attend are 'Learn to Ride' lessons. All our 'Learn to Ride' lessons are 45 to 60 mins long, booked in advance and include a bike to learn on. 
We currently offer Learn to Ride lessons in Abbeyfield Park, Hillsborough Park and Greenhill Park, all in Sheffield. 
We also offer lessons in Sandall Park and Woodfield Park, both in Doncaster. From September we will be offering cycling lessons in Clifton Park, Rotherham.
Calendar Cycle Confidence
Designed to help new cyclists become confident on quite local roads. Starts in the park and gradually over several lessons takes you onto the local quiet roads. A bike is included to learn on.
Greenhill Park and Hillsborough Park, both Sheffield. We also offer lessons in Sandall Park and Woodfield Park, Doncaster. From September we will also be offering lessons in Clifton Park, Rotherham.
Calendar Road Confidence 1 - Basic
Covers all the National Standard (NS) level 2 outcomes. Riders will look at starting and finishing journeys, maintaining a suitable riding position,negotiating junctions including mini-roundabouts, communicating with other road users and managing risk whilst riding. The course progresses on to use some NS level 3 outcomes (typically using traffic lights, bus lanes, using multi-lane junctions and deciding how cycling infrastructure can help, or in some cases hinder a rider). This will often be the first time new (and often existing riders) will have been experienced assertive riding. They will practice on a variety of junctions and get used to managing the traffic on quieter roads with exposure to more traffic as the course progresses. Usually held over two consecutive Saturdays.
Calendar Road Confidence 2 - Intermediate
Uses the skills learned at RC1 to show riders how those skills can be used to find quieter routes into and through the city to enable them to do longer journeys. Typically the riders will be using cycle infrastructure, some traffic free routes, and quiet roads and will show how busy roads can be avoided with planning. The course will help riders plan cycle journeys highlight the big difference in getting from A to B on a bike as compared to a motor vehicle. Usually run over two consecutive Saturdays.
Calendar Road Confidence 3 - Advanced
Builds on the confidence riders have gained on earlier sessions. Riders will be shown how to deal with the most complex traffic situations they will encounter – level 3 of the national standard. The course will continue to critically examine cycle infrastructure, will enable riders to use multi-lane roundabouts and roads, it will continue to emphasise managing risk through focusing on hazard awareness, will give riders the knowledge and confidence to handle any traffic situation and will encourage riders to continually learn from the traffic situations they encounter so they are always improving their riding. Usually run over two consecutive Saturdays.
Calendar CycleBoost Assessment
Assessments for people wanting to loan a CycleBoost bike.
Calendar Bike Buddy
A free two-hour 'one to one' lesson to help with your commutes and other regular journeys. One of our trainers accompanies you to help you plan your route, find safer alternatives, avoid busy areas and even mend a puncture. We will do our best to arrange your Bike Buddy at a time to suit you.
Calendar Electric Bike Training
Training for confident cyclists wanting to loan a CycleBoost e-bike
Calendar Women only
Cycle training for women only. Our trainers can be male or female. We currently offer these sessions at Abbeyfield Park on Friday mornings.
Calendar Puncture Repair Workshop
Do you ever worry about any of these puncture related problems? I can’t get my wheel out, I can’t get my tyre off, I can’t find what caused the puncture, I can’t get my tyre back on, what size inner tube do I need? My patch won’t stick properly. What tools do I need? If you do and you’d like to learn how to solve the problem come, on your bike, to our next puncture workshop.